Episode 3: Dr. Maxime Lamoureux St-Hilaire on Food and Life of the Classic Maya

Today’s guest is Dr. Maxime Lamoureux-St. Hilaire, an archaeology who studies the Classic Maya. His research focuses on the political institution of the Classic Maya royal court, and investigates this by excavating the regal palace of La Corona, in Guatemala, and reading a ton of literature. In this episode, we discuss his doctoral research on Classic Maya royal courts, what foods were eaten during this time period, and the events that these foods would have been consumed at. We also talk about contemporary Maya foods and what it’s like eating an an archaeological base camp. Available on iTunes or Spotify! And if you’re liking what you’re hearing, please subscribe, rate, and review.

You can find the conference he was discussing here: https://goafar.org/afar-conferences/

Find this week’s show here: http://anthrodish.libsyn.com/3-dr-maxime-lamoureux-st-hilaire-on-classic-maya-food-and-life

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